Wireless / Wired GSM Alarm


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  • 99 wireless, 7 wired zones;LCD screen, keyboard.
  • Built-in microphone and speaker;full Duplex connection.
  • Automatic protection switching on/off time setting.
  • The protection activation delay.
  • Suveikimu statistics.
  • Can be connected to all commercially available sensors.
  • Android/IOS app

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GSM alarm options:

  • Additionally you can hook up the required amount of wireless sensors (motion, door/window, smoke,vibration, water and gas leak..).
  • The security system has 99 belaidęs zones and 7 zones wired sensors.
  • You can hook up to 8 controls.
  • Built-in microphone, speaker.
  • Two-way communication: can be from the central to call as from phone.
  • Can be užprogramuot 3-time programme : at the set time, the automatic protection switching on/off.
  • You can record up to 10 seconds automatic voice message.
  • Each protection zone may be programmed as: normal, with užlaikymu, monitored 24 hours. or off.
  • For each area the siren can be turned on or off.
  • Regulated by the protection of the power and zone alarm delay settings.
  • You can view alarms alarm statistics, see when bringing anti-theft warning system and what the sensor.
  • You can turn on/off of the owner of an alert SMS message each time you switch on or switch off the alarm from the panel.
  • Can be activated perimeter / partial protection
  • An integrated battery maintains the system work, if the loss of electrical power (a power failure is sent to the SMS message, once the voltage as well.
  • After disconnection of the alarm from the outlet and turning off the battery all the settings lieką memory.
  • Alarm security use password .
  • Wireless sensors working distance up to 100 meters
  • The management of the remote working distance up to 100 meters.
  • The siren sound of 110 dB.
  • Android/IOS app: the "iAlarm system


Premises security GSM alarm system (main unit) – 1 pc.
Wireless motion sensor – 1 pc.
Wireless door/window sensor – 1 pc.
The remote control receiver (4 channels, has a SOS button) – 2 pcs.
Sound the siren – 1 pc.
AC/DC power source – 1 pc.
User manual English and English language.
All sensors and controls are completed with power supply elements.