Wireless / Wired GSM Alarm

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  • 99 wireless, 2 wired zone , LED display.
  • Managed by SMS,phone, Android, IOS.
  • Built-in microphone and speaker.
  • The protection activation delay.
  • Can be connected to the security panel.
  • Protection on/off time setting.
  • Suitable for all sold wireless and wired sensors.

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  • Plastic
  • Metal

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GSM-10 features:

  • Alarm system supports up to 99 wireless sensors.
  • 99 wireless zone
  • Zone 2 wired sensors.
  • Can be connected to the security panel. Plaiko Ademco Contact ID protocol.
  • Android and IOS programelės management.
  • Built-in microphone, able to listen to what is going on in the room. Sound without trugdžių as pigiausiose signalizacijose.
  • Built-in speaker,can perform the same voice confirmation
  • Separate 3-time programme: at a set time protection on and off.
  • For each of the seven zones separately can record different voice messages which are played when the alarm call in case of danger.
  • Amended receive alarm SMS turinis.
  • Each zone can be programmed as: normal, with užlaikymu, monitored 24 hours or off.
  • For each area the siren can be turned on or off.
  • Siren operation time setting.
  • The protection activation delay setting.
  • Possible SMS notification when switched off enables the protection of the panel.
  • Protection from putleio activation delay.
  • Sensor alarm delay setting.
  • Partial protection (the perimeter of the area assigned to the sensors will be monitored while inside the outside).
  • An integrated battery maintains the system work if the loss of electrical power (a power failure you will receive an SMS message, hit the electricity you will also receive an SMS message.)
  • After disconnection of the alarm from the outlet and turning off the battery all the settings lieką memory.
  • Security uses possible the four-digit passwords (programming and management).
  • Sensors working distance up to 100 meters.
  • The management of the remote working distance up to 100 meters.
  • Siren sound of 110dB
  • Connecting the smoke or gas sensors works and how the fire alarm system.
  • Alarm operating frequency of 433Mhz.

Alarm kit includes :

Wireless GSM alarm main unit – 1 pc.

Wireless PIR motion sensor – 1 pc.

Wireless door/window magnetic contact sensor – 1 pc.

The remote control input device – 2 pcs.

Sound the siren – 1 pc.

AC/DC 220V/12V power source – 1 pc.